What is Perioral Dermatitis?

Perioral dermatitis is a type of skin problem which mainly has an effect on young females. From time to time males or perhaps youngsters are impacted. Perioral means the area close to your mouth, and dermatitis implies inflammation of your skin. Along with redness, you will find normally little red bumps or perhaps pus bumps The condition can seem similar to acne. The places most impacted would be the spots from your nose towards the sides of the lips, and also the chin… Occasionally there’s slight itchiness or burning sensation.”

Perioral Dermatitis

What Can Cause Perioral Dermatitis?
POD is really quite normal and, based on many skin doctors, is growing in occurrence. There are studies which excessive use of topical ointment like cortisone creams, toothpaste and foundations might be responsible. Contact with sun rays, heat, and also wind may also complicate matters. More ways.

Ways To Deal with Perioral Dermatitis?
You are able to try things out by stopping the use of some of the possibly problematic goods stated earlier. It’s also wise to stop using cortisone ointments, however remember that this could at first make things worse.

It might be also useful to determine whether fluoridated toothpaste is an origin of the issue. You can try with fluoride-free tooth paste and notice if that creates a substantial difference. In case fluoride-free tooth paste happens to be the answer, seek advice from the dentist to find out how this can impact the dental wellness.

When you should seek advice from a Skin doctor
In case these tests make you believe POD is definitely the reason for the bumps close to the mouth area and also nose, it is advisable to visit a skin doctor since there is absolutely no makeup or over-the-counter drugs which can deal with the problem. A skin doctor could recommend topical ointment to help this


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