What Causes Pimples on Tongue?

There are a number of diseases can result in pimple on tongue. They are often small, soft, white and red bumps on your tongue depend on the causes. They are painful and can affect your whole tongue, include both sides of the tongue, back and tip of tongue. What’s more, they host on your taste buds so that hurt a lot on your diet and health. However, pimple on tongue is one of the most common fungiform papillae in human being. Adjust some of your lifestyle and apply home remedies to get rid of them.

Pimples on Tongue

What causes pimples on tongue?
If you’re looking for a solution to get rid of pimples, you should know what causes pimples on tongue or the reason why you have pimples? Here are several reasons that cause pimples on tongue.

Allergies are the common reason that caused by medications, food, etc. Some lip care products also cause pimple on tongue as your immunity system is against the allergen on the tongue. The pimples usually appear quickly once it caused by allergens.

Clogged tongue skin
The dead skin will generate pimples on tongue as well just like pimples on other parts of the body. Food and dirt can affect the base of pores that causes pimples.

Oral thrush
White pimples in your mouth may be caused by oral thrush. What’s worse, it can causes tastebuds inflammation.

Kawasaki disease
This disease often occur in children and appear on the back of the tongue. It even causes some much more serious diseases, including swollen lymph nodes, feet sole redness or cracked lips.

Home Remedies for Pimple on Tongue
To avoid and get rid of pimple on tongue, try these helpful home remedies below:

Salt water gargle
Salt water gargle is capable of preventing the spread of the infection as an equal part of sterile saline solution. Gargling salty water for 2-3 minutes every day.

As you know, dabbing cotton in the milk has the ability to reduce the pain of sore pimples. Drink a small quantity of milk twice a day.

Vitamin B
The deficiency of Vitamin B is another reason why you have pimples on tongue. Take vitamin B supplements to see is there any improvement.

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