The Truth About Whiteheads

The Truth About Whiteheads

Acne whiteheads are a member of the mildest form of acne called acne vulgaris. It involves hair follicles in the pores of the skin that have been blocked by oil, dead skin or bacteria. Unlike blackheads they lie beneath the surface of the skin with a tiny opening. They are more likely to be numerously spread over the face or across the back. Although they are the mildest form and the most short lived form of acne they still disrupt a normal life. They occur in about 85 percent of the population during adolescence.

When the oil and bacteria are trapped under the skin causing acne to form it is important not to touch the skin or pick at the area. When the area is disturbed the wall is broken down. Doing so will increase chances of a worsened problem by causing inflammation.

One fallacy is that whiteheads are caused by eating greasy or certain foods in your diet. Some people also believe it is caused by poor hygiene. Neither are true in the case of a whitehead. Scrubbing the face with a washcloth will actually make the problem worse. Oil based makeup should not be used if there is a problem with whiteheads. Choose a water-based make up and cleanse daily.

Some people also believe that steaming your face will help with acne. It does not stop oil from lodging beneath your skin so it will not cure acne. It can aid in loosening the area around the oil helping it to be removed easier. But do not try to remove them by squeezing it will only make matters worse by irritating and inflaming the walls of the follicle that has been blocked.

Finding a proper cleanser for the skin and using it in the right way will shorten the life of the whitehead. When washing it is important to use a light touch without a washcloth. Letting run over your skin and using a lathered cleanser with a light touch is the best way to wash. It should be done in the morning and at nighttime. The key is as little touch as possible so that you do not irritate the area and cause it to create a worse problem.

No matter what you do to make whiteheads disappear realize that time is the major factor. They will not disappear over night. Make your hygiene consistent and treat you face gently to have the best results in lessening the occurrence of whiteheads.

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